KTM Bike On Rail 2018

Be among the first to board KTM’s latest Bike Coach. Ont he 24th of March, we will be heading to Tg Malim via chartered train and cycle approx 40km there before going back to KTM Kuala Lumpur Station

New Bike Coach by KTM

Your bike will be among the first 150 bikes to onboard this new coach. Give your bike a chance larr

First Class Seat For You

Get comfortable in your air-conditioned first class seat during the 2 hour KL-Tg Malim-KL journey

Karaoke On The Train

You might not have ample time to karaoke. But it’s good to know that KTM does offer this service. When we’re gone, you may use it.

Event & Registration Info


Lock your date on the 24 March 2018. Be part of the inaugural KTM Bike Coach’s service. The journey will start from KTM Kuala Lumpur Station to Tanjong Malim via chartered train. Then we will ride for approx 40km around Tanjong Malim. Soon after, we will be having a lunch, courtesy of Majlis Daerah Tanjong Malim before heading back to Kuala Lumpur.

Gather your group to enjoy lower registration fees. Payment via credit card available

Single & Mini

1-4 cyclists
    • Return transfer by train from KL- Tg Malim-KL
    • Event T-Shirt
    • Souvenirs from KTM
    • Breakfast & Lunch
    • Insurance

Small Group

5-9 cyclists
  • Return transfer by train from KL- Tg Malim-KL
  • Event T-Shirt
  • Souvenirs from KTM
  • Breakfast & Lunch
  • Insurance


Platinum, Gold & Silver
  • Media Coverage
  • Mention in Social Media
  • Logo placement
  • XXX numbers of cyclists (based on package)
  • Return transfer by train from KL- Tg Malim-KL
  • Event T-Shirt
  • Souvenirs from KTM
  • Breakfast & Lunch
  • Insurance

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Bike On Rail, are we going to ride on the train?

Though it is tempting for us to organize a ride on the train itself, no, we can’t do that… yet. But fret not, you can bring your bicycle ‘in full’ onboard the newly customized coach for bicycle use. And remember, you can only do this (without submitting an application) at Bike On Rail Event. And no, SPAD still don’t allow bicycle onboard any trains, Komuter, ETS, LRT or MRT.

So, what's the plan?

Easy, we are looking for the first 150 cyclists to join us in the inaugural KTM Bike Coach service. This event will be held on the 24th March 2018 (Saturday). On that day, we will head to Tg Malim via chartered KTM train. In Tg Malim, you will ride approximately around 40km around the city. While we are not sure whether you can stop by to get some Yik Mun Pau,  you certainly will have at least one stop to rehydrate. After the ride, we will be having lunch, before returning to KL

Why are the fees unlike the other 40km-ish ride?

We know what you meant. While it is a little bit on the high side comparing to the other 40km cycling ride, do take note that we are going to the starting point (Tanjong Malim) via train. Have you ever be able to bring your bike onboard a chartered train before, with other cyclists? We bet most of you have not, in fact, this is our first time too. So this would be the best time to do it.  And a gentle reminder, this is the best price you will ever get for this experience 😉

Any discounts?

We are Malaysian too, so we know that this question will pop up.Yes, there are some discounts. Just gather your cycling friends and register together. More than 5 cyclists registering as a group are entitled to discounted rates

What else I might get from the Bike On Rail?

The usual cyclists’ entitlements such as T-Shirt and goodies bags. We are not sure of whether medal will be included. Waiting for sponsors to confirm. If you would like to sponsor, don’t hesitate to contact us 🙂

Oh, since there will be few media are joining us, you might appear in the news or printed media. Put your best make up, whatever it means.

Experience wise…bringing your bike onto the train, cycle with friends, meet new friends, have to ‘tahan hidung’ for one hour in the train after the ride..Not bad huh? OK, what else?

I'm not available on that date. Why you announce this so late wan? Will there be another Bike On Rail?

We purposely put these questions into one.

Sorry if you are not available. This is Malaysia Boleh. We might be planning another one, who knows?

What shall I do next?

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